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School administration

The Dean of the School is the Chief Administrative Officer and is assisted by the Associate Deans for the Undergraduate and Graduate Programs and the Assistant Dean for Financial Affairs.

The administration and the faculty are responsible for determining curriculum requirements, admitting students, instructing and evaluating students, encouraging activities and programs pertinent to the welfare and interest of students, assessing fitness for promotion and graduation, and carrying out other functions essential to the overall operation of the School. Evaluation of the overall program of learning and instructional effectiveness, appropriate modification, and initiation of new measures are continually in progress by the faculty and the administration.

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Administrative councils

Dean's Council
Elizabeth A. Bossert, PhD, RN, dean, School of Nursing
Barbara Ninan, Ed.D, RN, associate dean, undergraduate program
Susan Lloyd, PhD, RNassociate dean, graduate program
JoAnn Shaul, CPA, BBA, assistant dean for financial affairs

PhD Faculty Council
chair: Ellen D'Errico
staff: Lisa Butler
members: all doctoral faculty

Faculty Council
chair: Elizabeth Bossert
staff: Susan Beaman
members: all faculty

MS-DNP Faculty Council
chair: Shirley Bristol
staff: Lisa Butler
members: all PhD faculty

Undergraduate Faculty Council
chair: Barbara Nina
staff: Glynda York
members: all undergraduate faculty

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Faculty standing committees

Admissions - Graduate
chair: Susan Lloyd
staff: Lisa Butler

Admissions - Undergraduate
chair: Barbara Ninan
staff: Glynda York

Curriculum - Graduate
chair: Susan Lloyd
staff: Lisa Butler

Curriculum - Undergraduate
chair: Sylvia Stewart
staff: Glynda York

chair: Jan Nick
staff: Dora Salinas

chair: Lisa Roberts
staff: Andrea Champlin

Spiritual Life and Wholeness
chair: Edelweiss Ramal
staff: Esper Lundgrin

Today's Nursing Technology
chair: Chris Denny

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Elected committees

Faculty Affairs
chair: Kathie Ingram

Rank and Tenure
chair: Dolores Wright

Administrative Committees

LAP Program
chair: Bonnie Meyer

Academic Review
chair: Barbara Ninan
staff: Diane Mattheson

chair: ASN President
sec: Zelne Zamora

Safety Committee
chair: Jan Michaelis
staff: Barbara Tatarchuk

Scholarship, Undergraduate
chair: JoAnn Shaul
staff: Barbara Tatarchuk

Scholarship, Graduate
chair: JoAnn Shaul
staff: Barbara Tatarchuk

UG/G Course Planning Meetings
chair: Course Coordinators



Global Nursing Council
chair: Patricia Jones
staff: Valerie Nusantara

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