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CRNA Program - Frequently Asked Questions

4: Are there any pre-requisite courses that I must take prior to admission?

5: How many students do you admit into your program each year?

6: How many years of R.N. experience are required?

7: Do I need a full year of critical care work experience prior to admission? 

8: Is the GRE required?

9: Do I have to be a member of the Seventh-day Adventist Church to be accepted into the program?

10: Can I attend the program on a part-time basis?

11: Who should I speak with regarding the application process?

12: Will I be able to work during the program?

13: If I am accepted into the program, will I be required to make a deposit to hold my position?

14: Do the students choose their regular clinical sites?

15: Will I have to travel out of town for clinical sites? If so, where?

16: How do I spend time with a CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) observing cases?



1.  Complete the online application:

  • Go to www.llu.edu/apply
  • Click “Application Login” Button
  • Click “Start an application (and create a new Login ID)”
  • Complete and submit the online application
  • Pay application fee

You will be sent an email listing any outstanding required documentation.

  • Only applicants with completed applications will be considered for an interview.

The Nurse Anesthesia Admissions Committee (NAAC) will review all completed applications and invite those selected for an interview.

Attend personal interview with the NAAC Interview Panel.

Applicants selected for admission will be notified via email and standard mail.  Information regarding how to complete the acceptance process and pay the confirmation deposit will also be included.

Still have questions?  Contact K.C. Larsen (909) 558-1000 ext. 82443 (klarsen@llu.edu)

2.  No.  The Nurse Anesthesia Admissions Committee (NAAC) will review all completed applications and invite those for an interview who meet the criteria.

3.  A Bachelor’s degree in nursing from an accredited school in the United States or equivalent from another country is required for acceptance.

4.  An introductory biochemistry course and a year of general chemistry are highly recommended.

5. The program admits up to 16 students per cohort.

6. Minimum 1 year, full-time critical care RN experience (in the U.S.) at time of matriculation (excluding orientation) is required.  Experience is evaluated on an individual basis.

7. Yes, you can apply to the program while employed in the critical area and will have the necessary one year of full time experience prior to matriculation.

8.  No.

9. No.

10. Due to the Lock-step nature of the program’s curriculum, part-time enrollment is not permitted.

11. Contact: K.C. Larsen (909) 558-1000 ext. 82443

12. Due to the rigorous nature of the nurse anesthesia program, employment is discouraged. To promote patient safety and student wellbeing, the student is not permitted to work within ten hours of the start of a clinical shift.  The program forbids the employment of students as nurse anesthetists by title or function while enrolled in the program. 

13. The confirmation deposit is $1000 and will be credited toward the students tuition.

14. Assignment of students to clinical rotations is made at the discretion of the program administration and is guided by the availability and needs of the clinical sites and each student’s knowledge, ability, and existing case requirements.  It is the desire and intent of the administration to rotate each student in order to attain every available experience.  However, clinical affiliations can be created, modified, or canceled at any time, making each student’s clinical rotation experience unique. 

15. With the following exceptions, clinical sites are within easy driving distance (25 miles) of Loma Linda University:

  • There is currently one clinical site in San Diego, which is about 2 hrs from Loma Linda University.  Housing is provided in Sand Diego near the clinical site for students on this rotation.
  • An enrichment clinical rotation has also been created in Ohio.  This rotation is optional.  Housing near the clinical site and a rental car are provided for students on this rotation.

    Note: clinical affiliations may be created, modified, or canceled at any time. 


16. Shadowing of a CRNA at LLUMC can be arranged by contacting:

Gwen Wysocki, RN, C, MN - Manager of Academic Relations
LLUMC Staff Development
11255 Mountain View Ave., Suite 11
Loma Linda, CA 92354
phone - 909-558-4000, ext. 37816     fax - 909-558-3541 
email - gwysocki@llu.edu

Note:  A limited number of experiences are available each month.