These logos are provided for use in PowerPoint presentations or other official documents as a way of representing the University and the School of Nursing.  To use the following images:

  1. Select which image you would like to use
  2. Right click on the image and select "Copy"
  3. Open the desired document (PowerPoint, Word, etc.)
  4. Click in the document the desired location
  5. Right click and select "Paste"

As a rule, the "Reverse logos" need to be placed on a colored background, not a white background, in order to be seen properly.  The "Red logos" can be placed on any background, but would be more preferable on a white background.  The "Black logos" can be placed on any background, except for black.

SN Black Logos

SN Black logo   SN Black logo - typed

SN Black logo - stack


SN Black logo

SN Reverse Logos

LLUSN school logo   LLUSN school logo

LLUSN school logo


LLUSN school logo

SN Red Logos

LLU SN Red Horizontal logo   LLUSN logo

SN Red logo stacked


LLUSN school logo