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Available sessions:

July 13, 4 PM, PST-             Undergraduate- General Session

July 15, 4 PM, PST              Graduate (except CRNA)

July 20, 4 PM, PST              Undergraduate- Application & Interview Session

July 28, 4 PM, PST              Undergraduate- General Session

July 30, 4 PM, PST              CRNA- General Session hosted by Dr. Eric Molina

August 6, 4 PM, PST           Undergraduate- Financial Aid for Applicants Session

August 13, 4 PM, PST         Graduate (except CRNA)

August 18, 4 PM, PST         Undergraduate- Student Showcase and General Info Session

August 20, 4 PM, PST         CRNA- Application and Timeline Session

September 1, 4 PM, PST    Graduate (except CRNA)