Our Students

Embracing Diversity

Our primary responsibility is the education of students, who come from diverse ethnic and cultural backgrounds, enabling them to acquire the foundation of knowledge, skills, values, attitudes, and behaviors appropriate for their chosen academic or healthcare ministry. We nurture their intellectual curiosity. We facilitate their development into active, independent learners. We provide continuing educational opportunities for our alumni and professional peers. We encourage a personal Christian faith that permeates the lives of those we educate. 

State-of-the-Art Learning Facilities

The Largest Medical Simulation Center in the Country


Fully Equipped Skills Lab

The Skills Lab within the School of Nursing provides a hands-on learning environment for nursing students. It is fully equipped with 20 patient beds and medical equipment. In the skills lab students learn key clinical nursing skills.

Loma Linda University Medical Center

The world-renowned Loma Linda University Medical Center is home to some of the nation's largest clinical programs, providing Whole Person Care for more than 33,000 inpatients and .5 million outpatients annually.

LLU Medical Center

Our Faculty, Staff, and Administration

We respect our faculty, staff, and administration who through education, research, and service create a stimulating learning environment for our students. They contribute to the development of new understandings in their chosen fields. They demonstrate both Christian values and competence in their scholarship and professions.

Our Patients and Others We Serve

We provide humanitarian service through people, programs, and facilities. We promote healthful living and respond to the therapeutic and rehabilitative needs of people. We seek to enhance the quality of life for individuals in local, regional, national, and world communities.

Honor Society

Through the nursing honor society, which was established in 1973, the School of Nursing further fosters academic excellence and the pursuit of Christian graces. In 1975, in recognition of the School's aim of excellence, this honor society, by vote of the national society, became an official chapter of Sigma Theta Tau International , the international honor society for nursing. Installation of the Loma Linda University School of Nursing's Gamma Alpha Chapter occurred on April 11, 1976. Students and other nurses of excellence, upon meeting the established criteria, become members by invitation.

Professional Memberships

LLUSN holds agency memberships and actively participates in the following major professional organizations: American Association of Colleges of Nursing, National League for Nursing, and Western Institute for Nursing.

Brief History, Mission & Philosophy

Brief History

The School of Nursing, established in 1905, was the first in a group of schools that became Loma Linda University in 1961. In 1907, the first class to graduate included seven students—five women and two men. As the school developed and became a college-based program rather than a hospital diploma program, the baccalaureate degree commenced in 1949. The Master of Science degree was granted in 1957. The Doctor of Philosophy degree was added to the existing programs of the school, with the first-class starting in 2002. The Doctor of Nursing Practice degree began in 2010.


Transforming lives through nursing education, professional practice, and research.

Mission Statement

The education of nurses dedicated to professional excellence and compassion in clinical practice, education, and research. Loma Linda University-educated nurses will further the healing and teaching ministry of Jesus Christ through commitment to whole-person care and Christian values.

To learn more about the mission of Loma Linda University, please visit https://llu.edu/about-llu/mission-and-values.

Our Philosophy

Loma Linda University School of Nursing is founded upon a legacy of global Christian service. We seek to touch lives in the context of a world in need.

Loma Linda University nursing education centers on whole-person care. Our spiritual core and vibrant faith experience are expressed in authentic connections and genuine caring for humanity in all its diversity. Through research and scholarship-informed practice, we aim to promote healing, empowerment, and transformation across the life span in individual lives, families, and communities.

We strive to create an environment in which all learners reach their highest potential, achieve academic excellence, and experience personal and spiritual growth.

We see the development of intellect and character as preparation for lifelong learning and ministry through the nursing profession.