The School of Nursing collaborates with a global network of over 75 sister Seventh-day Adventist nursing schools and nurtures relationships with international colleagues and institutions outside of the Seventh-day Adventist system. 

  • Off-campus Masters and PhD programs
  • Shared educational resources
  • Accreditation and program advisement for international nursing education programs
  • Short-term learning experiences and fellowships at LLU for international groups
  • Participation by current students, faculty, and staff in mission trips organized by the LLU Global Institute through Students for International Mission Service (SIMS).


Dr. Anne Berit Petersen promotes engagement in global nursing at Loma Linda University Health. Dr. Petersen is also an Associate Director of the Department of Health Ministries of the General Conference of Seventh-day Adventists (GCHM), and serves as a liaison between GCHM and church-operated Seventh-day Adventist schools of nursing.


Photograph of Anne Berit Petersen


The number of Seventh-day Adventist nursing programs around the world is increasing rapidly, as is the need for qualified Seventh-day Adventist faculty for these programs. Through the Off-campus Master of Science in Nursing program, LLU School of Nursing partners with Adventist institutions to prepare faculty who will continue to serve in their home country. Partnership involves the contribution of financial support, personnel, time and resources for the education of institutionally nominated candidates. Thus far, 101 students from 11 Divisions of the world church have completed the program. Program Coordinator, Dr. Jan Nick, along with Dr. Anne Berit Petersen and Dr. Dolores Wright shared a Status Update at the 2021 Global Healthcare Conference. (Day 3 Recording, minute 1:42.)

Marie Abemyil, 2009 graduate from the Cosendai Adventist University in Cameroon states, "LLU has made a great différence in my profession and life. Always in the query of excellence. Our school is recognized as outstanding in terms of quality of nursing éducation. Through the support of LLU school of nursing, we are among the three centres of excellence for nursing and midwifery éducation in Africa' WHO région."

Educational Resources

WHO International Year of the Nurse and Midwife 2020 plenary presentation by Dr. Patricia Jones at the 2020 Global Healthcare Conference.

Teaching and Learning Excellence and Strategies video series by Dr. Edelweiss Ramal.

Conference sessions from the Global Healthcare Conference, a leadership conference for members of Seventh-day Adventist Healthcare and Education institutions around the globe.

Conversations on Governance course sessions hosted by LLUH to equip board members and institutional leaders, including church officers, lay professionals and institutional representatives, with the knowledge and resources to serve effectively on institutional boards.

Continuing education and learning activities from LLUH

Resources for nursing researchers at LLU School of Nursing

Wil Alexander Wholeness Series


AAA - Adventist Accrediting Association. Accredits all Seventh-day Adventist institutions.
AINEC - Adventist International Nurse Educator Consortium
IBE - International Board of Education
Seventh-day Adventist Schools of Nursing

Accreditation Participation by School of Nursing Faculty

Institution LLUSN Faculty Member Date
Adventist University Central Africa, Rwanda Anne Berit Petersen November 2021
Adventist University Cosendai, Cameroon Anne Berit Petersen February 2022
Sahmyook University, Korea Elizabeth Johnston Taylor November 2022
Adventist University of the Philippines Iris Mamier November 2022
Adventist University of Lukanga, DRC Anne Berit Petersen November 2022
Malawi Adventist University Anne Berit Petersen December 2022