Student Health Plan

The University-sponsored Student Health Plan is designed to provide comprehensive medical coverage for the student and his/her eligible dependent(s).  The plan includes coverage for hospital care, surgery, emergency care, prescription drugs, and more.

Please see the Loma Linda University Web site for Student Health Services for a complete explanation of the Student Health Plan

Malpractice Insurance

Students are covered by malpractice insurance while acting within the course and scope of any approved clinical assignment.

The Drayson Center

Students are granted full access to the Drayson Center, Loma Linda University’s recreation and wellness center.  The center includes:

  • A 21,000 square-foot multipurpose gymnasium, which may accommodate three full-sized basketball courts, five volleyball courts, or nine badminton courts.
  • An elevated, rubberized, three-lane running indoor track.
  • Five racquetball courts with viewing areas.
  • Fully equipped men’s and women’s locker rooms.
  • Aerobics studios and cardiovascular and fitness areas equipped for strength training, sports conditioning, body building, and power lifting.
  • A 22-foot-high, 150-foot water slide ending in the nearby recreational pool.
  • An outdoor Jacuzzi and indoor saunas.
  • Six tennis courts
  • A 400,000 square-foot multiuse recreational area with four softball fields, a half-mile-long track; and picnic and game areas.

The Drayson Center offers lifetime leisure classes (noncredit), such as low– and high-impact aerobics, ballet, karate, and judo. The Wellness Office offers personal training, massage therapy, and individual nutrition counseling and group nutrition classes with a registered dietitian.

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