All students are required to complete the following pre-requisite courses before starting the RN to BS program at Loma Linda University School of Nursing.  Students can have courses in progress while they are applying, as long as they will be completed before the program begins.



Quarter Unit

Semester Unit

Anatomy & Physiology I with Lab

4 3

Anatomy & Physiology II with Lab

4 3

Introduction to Chemistry with Lab

4 3

Medical Microbiology with Lab

5 4

Public Speaking

4 3

English (full sequence)

9 6

General Psychology

4 3

3rd area of social science (Dev. Psych/Lifespan Dev./Econ/Politics)

4 3

Intro to Sociology

4 3

Physical Education

2 activity courses 2 activity courses


16 11

College Algebra

4 3

Humanities* – Students must take courses in three different areas. 

Areas include:

  • Foreign Language
  • Applied Art or Music
  • Introduction or Art or Music
  • Literature
  • History
  • Philosophy
  • Logic
  • Religion

 For information regarding which course to take at your college or university, please refer to our Transfer Patterns.