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Phone: (909) 558-4923 ext. 83826 


Office: West Hall, Room 1413 

Office Hours: 

Monday – Thursday 8:15am – 5:00pm and Friday 8:30am – 2:00pm 

*Early morning, evening and online appointments by request

Academic Center for Excellence (ACE) is a department within the School of Nursing that empowers, enables and encourages students as they navigate nursing programs at LLUSN. ACE services provide a wide variety of academic and whole person skills, strategies, and resources to promote academic excellence. The purpose of ACE is to help students enhance their skills and identify new strategies to support achievement of their academic, personal, professional, and wholeness goal(s). Appointments with ACE faculty are free for ALL LLUSN students. 

ACE Services:

Exam Analysis  Organization 
Stress Management  Self-care tips
Test Taking Strategies Mock Interviews
Time Management  ADHD Academic Strategies
Spiritual Support  Writing & APA Support 
Study Strategies Study Groups