The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner (Psych NP) program at the LLU School of Nursing prepares registered nurses for a rewarding career of touching patient’s lives by supporting their journey to improved mental well-being.

Loma Linda University School of Nursing - Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner

The Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner program promotes whole person care, by focusing on the mental, physical, and spiritual health of patients. Students are prepared to promote optimal mental health, prevention, and treatment of psychiatric disorders and health maintenance within a variety of settings across the life span.

The curriculum for the Psych NP program builds on the basics of nursing with an emphasis on psychiatry, to train registered nurses to act as a therapist, helping patients with depression, anxiety and suicidal individuals, and other conditions that can be remedied with counseling.

The Psych NP works in consultation and collaboration with psychiatrists and other mental health care providers to assess the mental health needs of individuals, families, groups and communities. With a dual emphasis  on intervention through of psychotherapy and psychopharmocology, the  Psychiatric Nurse practitioner program prepares registered nurses for advanced specialty practice.

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