The Nurse Educator (NE) concentration at the LLU School of Nursing prepares nurses for the pivotal role of educating future nurses in the classroom and practice setting. Nurse educators are critical players in providing quality educational experiences that prepare nursing students for a diverse workforce experience.

The teaching-learning strand within the curriculum focuses on developing the skills necessary for a teaching role in nursing academia. The NE program at the nursing school is structured for students to select a focus to conduct clinical research, and prepare for a career in teaching. This structure provides for an enriching experience for graduate nursing experience.

The Nurse Educator program is available with the following specialties:

Adult/Gerontology – Providing care to a wide age range of adults, (ages 18 and above)

Obstetrics-Pediatrics - Focusing on the needs of children from birth through adolescence (or “18 years of age”)

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Admission Requirements

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Curriculum (Adult / Gero)

The curriculum plan for the Nurse Educator - Adult / Gero

Curriculum (Obstetrics - Pediatrics)

The curriculum plan for the Nurse Educator - Obstetrics-Pediatrics

Sample Schedule (Adult / Gero)

The sample schedule for the Nurse Educator - Adult / Gero

Sample Schedule (Obstetrics - Pediatrics)

The sample schedule for the Nurse Educator - Obstetrics-Pediatrics

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Nurse Educator Fact Sheet

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