LLUH Research Foci with NINR Components

The LLUH Research Oversight Committee has identified the following seven areas of research as those in which to concentrate our efforts:

  • Lifestyle/Vitality/Longevity
  • Maternal/Feta/Neonatal Health
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • Infectious Disease
  • Cancer
  • Stroke/Brain Trauma/Neurological Diseases
  • Health Disparities among Diverse Populations

The 2016 Strategic Plan for NINR focuses on Symptom Science.  The overall goal is for nurses to engage in Symptom Science research that will generate meaningful and practical clinical applications.  Symptom Science includes:

  • Biologic mechanisms of symptoms
  • Effects on patients
  • Biological and behavioral basis for how patients respond to interventions

The School of Nursing Research Committee encourages you to consider areas of overlap between the LLUH research foci and the NINR components as you develop research proposals for School of Nursing seed funds, GRASP, or extramural funding opportunities.

If you are interested in collaborating with other researchers concentrating on a particular topic of LLUH researcher focus, contact the Office of Sponsored Research or visit http://researchaffairs.llu.edu/about-us/research-centers-institutes for links to each school’s research page.

On behalf of the School of Nursing Research Committee, we wish you all the best in your scholarly work and pursuit of research.

Lisa Roberts,

LLU SN Research Director