Starting Another School Year

July 1, 2016 marked the beginning of the second year of the STTI Biennium 2015-2017.  I am delighted to introduce to you the new board of STTI-Gamma Alpha Chapter:
2016 STTI Board Members

From left to right: Dr. Jan Nick (treasurer), Dr. Patti Radovich (Governance & Eligibility), Dr. Faye Truax (Vice-President Elect), Dr. Iris Mamier (President), Ms. Carolyn Davidson (Past President), Dr. Gloria Huerta (Secretary), Dr. Kim Buck (2nd year faculty counselor), Dr. Lisa Roberts (Vice-President), Dr. Ellen D’Errico (Newsletter & Communications), Dr. Vanessa Jones-Oyefeso (Leadership & Succession)

The board also includes the following members not shown above: Ms. Karen Ripley (1st year Faculty Counselor), Ms. Kathi Wild, Ms. Shaunna Siler, Ms Kathy Valdeverona (Governance & Eligibility Committee), Ms. Donna Becker, Ms. Erin Heim, and Dr. Nancie Parmenter (Leadership & Succession Committee). Thank you for a terrific team of leaders dedicated to serving Gamma Alpha chapter and the nursing profession in moving us forward in the months to come!

Recently, 86 new GA members have been inducted into STTI. We are looking forward to involving our new members in the coming school year in exciting activities.

2016 STTI New Member Induction

Specifically, we welcome the following new members:

Stephanie Abandy, Austin Alicastro, Alexandra Noel Amorim, Chelsie Ocariza Aquino, Adahena Baron, Raquel Betancourt, Beatrice Bissy Aluko, Mitchell Brand, Nancy Brashear, Mariel Christina Camiling,  Melissa Jane Castillo, Charles Cochran, Paolah Cortes,  Anthony Gerard Dela Cruz,  Amanda Kathleen Edwards,  Karen Eke,  David E. Dwight Ermshar,  Anna Rachel Fugett, Thao T. P. Giang, Alyssa Marie Gilmore,  Emmeline Gonzales, Jayme Goodner, Jo Han Jang, Kara Danielle Jeffries, Marina Katko,  Rachel Haeyoung Kim,  Kaitlyn Kimble,  Sierra Martine Kirkpatrick,  Lynn Anne Kozarichuk,  Mattison Emily Lake, Megan Ashley Lang, Karen Lawson,  Nguyen Le,  Bradley Zephaniah Lee,  Darcy Lee,  Deanna Leslie,  Kevin Anthony Lim,  Ashley Kate Linlo, Annie Georgia Mack,  Naomi Magaoay,  Sarah Ann Messner,  Chrystanya Morgan,  Michelle Lara Osongco,  Renee Ovando,  Cheyenne Peevy,  Manja Perilla,  Linda Pham,  Brittany Michelle Pick,  Anais Portillo,  Wagner Elias Portocarrero, Rachael Louise Pownall,  Rebecca Prange,  Sarah Christine Puma,  Erik William Remai,  Natalie Richmeier,  Miah Menguito Rodriguez,  Nataly Nichole Saldarriaga,  Tara Lynne Schuyler,  Jessica Marie Self,  Amber Rose Senator,  Whitney Lee Shadix,  Patrick John Shaver, Shamila Siapco, Sandy Simatupang, Spencer Simmons, Jennifer Soto Torres, Kristen Stagg, Tiffany Naree Subadya, Chloe Cuerdo Temple, Eddie Dong Hwan Thia,  Kandavin Thong, Sara Tiffany Tom,  Sherilyn Toppenberg,  Michelle Marie Torres, Melissa Totton, Kelsey Brianne Trujillo, Athena Dari Tuot, Gina Anne Uguccioni, Nathalie Ung, Megan Elaine Verska, Kevin Matthew Weathers, Allana Westermeyer, Baro Whang, Stephanie Wilson, Kaitlyn Wolfe, Crystal Sirichon Wongchalermthan, Kelsey Zuppan.

Dr. Iris Mamier and Dr. Patricia Foster

In 2016, we have been celebrating and commemorating our 40th anniversary as Gamma Alpha Chapter. At the 2016 Induction, Dr. Patricia Foster reminded the audience of the following facts: Gamma Alpha was chartered with 114 members, was the 1st chapter in Southern California, the 4th chapter in the state, and the 71st chapter nationally. Since then, the chapter has grown and involved generations of nurse leaders. Throughout four decades of changes in health care, a constant remains STTI Gamma Alpha’s commitment to nursing excellence in scholarship, leadership, and service to advance world health. As members of the Honor Society of Nursing we are passionate for nursing to make a unique contribution to health care and society. We do this by providing excellent care, by fostering relevant nursing research, and providing leadership in quality improvement and evidence-based change initiatives.

Dr. Cathy Catrambone, President of STTI, in her call to action suggests that nurses’ influence is essential to accomplish the mission of STTI. Specifically, she reminds nurses to intentionally use their influence by advocating, by giving of our time and means (philanthropy), by engaging in policy initiatives, and by staying committed to life long learning as professionals.

Gamma Alpha wants to respond to this call to action on a local and regional level.  We want to be a visible presence at Loma Linda Health and its surrounding community. Gamma Alpha strives to be a strong influence at the School of Nursing involving our members. During the school year 2016-17, our specific goal is to involve our newly inducted members in innovative chapter activities. Tied to this, we want to chart new paths to foster and mentor promising young leaders facilitating their growth and passion for nursing. Lastly, we want to collaborate and network with fellow STTI chapters and community organizations in the region. Please check us out and stay connected!